International Women's Day: Cheryl Whittington

By Cheryl Whittington  |  March 8, 2018

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To celebrate International Women’s Day at Verisk—and to showcase Verisk as a leading data analytics company with diverse leadership—Verisk is highlighting its women leaders through a series of Q&A blog posts focusing on this year’s theme, #PressForProgress.

We spoke with Cheryl Whittington, director of operations at IntelliCorp, a Verisk business. IntelliCorp is a nationwide provider of preemployment screening and background checks for organizations and businesses of all sizes.

What do you believe are the major areas of opportunity for progress in the workplace?

I believe mentorship is one major area of opportunity for progress in the workplace. As women, we can identify potential female leaders within our organization and work with them to help hone their skills and encourage their ideas. A mentor can make a significant difference to a young woman just starting out by providing guidance, support, life lessons, and empowerment.

If you could give one piece of advice to the next generation of women leaders, what would it be?

As women, we should encourage one another and lift each other up. Working collaboratively, we can create a synergy and a force that would be difficult to ignore. We are more powerful together than we will ever be individually. We should be able to lean on and trust our women leaders. Be a leader who inspires.

What is your greatest accomplishment, and why?

My 19-year-old daughter is my greatest accomplishment. I recall the pivotal moment in my own life when I realized that I was teaching my then 6- or 7-year-old daughter to be a “good girl.” Although that sounds appropriate, I was teaching her not to make waves, to get along, and to fit in. As I recognized the flaw in my thinking, I started to guide her more toward speaking up for herself and fighting for what she believes in. If she has earned it, then she has a right to it. Since then, I have encouraged her to be an individual, to stand out and stand up for herself and others, to be a leader. It’s so amazing to watch her become the influential and inspiring young lady I envisioned her to be.

Cheryl Whittington

Cheryl Whittington, director of operations at IntelliCorp.