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Include Attachments in NICB Questionable Claim Submissions through ISO ClaimSearch

When you submit a questionable claim to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) through ISO ClaimSearch®, you can now include attachments. With the new feature, you can provide more information — such as photos, audio and video recordings, written statements, and witness lists — to help the NICB accelerate its investigations. ISO ClaimSearch developed the new feature based on significant feedback from our user community.

In addition to helping NICB investigators, the inclusion of additional materials when submitting a questionable claim can save ISO ClaimSearch users the time and effort that often follows the submission process. Attaching the assets at the beginning of the referral process can decrease the need for subsequent communication with investigators who previously have had to reach out to adjusters for relevant materials from the claim file.

Please note the following about the new feature:

  • NICB Field Operations will triage questionable claims with attachments and evaluate the additional supporting materials for potential case openings or case enhancement or to produce analytical products.
  • Users can submit up to 25 attachments through ISO ClaimSearch.
  • The attachment file size limit (aggregate per submission) is 100MB.
  • The feature does not currently include submission to state fraud bureaus, but the ISO ClaimSearch team is exploring that possibility.

You can find the questionable claim attachment feature on the final page of the NICB questionable claim submission process in ISO ClaimSearch. For more information, contact NICB Technical Support at 1-800-447-6282 x 7003 or

Brian Panebianco

Brian Panebianco is responsible for the research and implementation of innovative ideas to enhance and expand ISO ClaimSearch, the property/casualty insurance industry’s largest all-claims database.

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