Identify Preexisting Hail Damage before Underwriting the Policy

By Vincent Conti April 25, 2013

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is wondering whether his insured’s roof got dented and scratched in the last hailstorm. Well, lucky for him, he doesn’t have to wonder anymore. He can just watch Verisk’s web seminar on hail damage and learn a few things about addressing the peril of hail.

He’ll find out what size hailstones the National Weather Service classifies as severe — and how big are the largest hailstones ever recorded. He’ll learn what geographic area of the United States reports the worst roof damage from hail. He’ll hear that Verisk’s Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) is a reliable source for historical hail benchmarking data, and he’ll be able to use that information to his advantage. He’ll also learn about the LOCATION® Hail Damage Score and how Verisk validates it against policy and claims data. And he’ll understand that he can integrate the information into his underwriting workflow — to avoid insuring properties with unrepaired preexisting hail damage.

So next time it’s storming, the old man will be snoring. In fact, he’ll be sleeping soundly, knowing that the underwriting for his property portfolio is accurate and — unlike some roofs — not subject to leakage.