Get a Complete Auto Underwriting Picture with A-PLUS Verified®

By John Cantwell January 26, 2015

To underwrite auto risks properly, you need a complete picture of each applicant’s history, including loss history and prior insurance coverage data.

The A-PLUS Verified® system combines the power and intelligence of two exceptional databases: A-PLUSTM and Coverage VerifierSM. You conveniently get an applicant’s loss history and prior insurance coverage information in one streamlined report.

How does the system work?

A-PLUS Verified Reports are an enhancement to our A-PLUS Auto Loss History Reports. Once you enroll, simply order an A-PLUS report with your applicant’s full name and current address. To maximize your search, you may enter additional information, including Social Security number and driver’s license number.

If the loss history database contains information on any prior claims, the system will return an A-PLUS Auto Loss History Report. If the loss history database doesn’t contain any information on prior claims, the system will search the Coverage Verifier database and return a report confirming that the system found no claims in the loss history database. The report will also include the number of months (up to five years) of continuous prior insurance coverage found. If the insurance coverage has expired or if the system can’t verify coverage, the report will supply that information as well.

Please note that insurers need to contribute information to both the A-PLUS and Coverage Verifier databases to receive A-PLUS Verified Reports.

For additional information about A-PLUS Verified, simply ask your Verisk sales representative. Or e-mail us at

John Cantwell

John Cantwell, vice president, Auto Product Management, Verisk Insurance Solutions, is responsible for product management and branding strategy and leading the development and launch of innovative new products. Before joining Verisk, he was vice president of underwriting and product development at AIG Direct/21st Century Insurance.