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Five ways Decision Net® improves claims management

Claims handling depends on information — and the faster you can access it, the better. So what are the top five ways Decision Net® ISO’s exclusive public records portal, improves claims handling? The answers are found at every step in the life of a claim.

1. First Notice of Loss

At first notice of loss (FNOL), Decision Net information is the source for several elements of the ISO ClaimAlertTM suite. This service automatically scans incoming claims for potential red flags, including VIN failed edit, prior salvage, prior SIU involvement, mail drop, SSN invalid, death master hit on SSN, NICB ForeWarn, search alert, hail, foreclosure, and fraud crime.

2. Initiating the Claim

There are numerous Decision Net solutions that play a role here, but let’s take a look at one of our most popular: Vehicle Location Report This incredibly useful report, which supports point-of-claim review, may include license plate images and vehicle photographs linked to specific dates and locations. That information is critical in many claims including those involving rate evasion, workers' compensation, and preexisting auto damage.

3. Investigation and Exposure

You need comprehensive, timely information to conduct a successful investigation, and social media tools help. Let’s say a workers' comp or auto claimant says he can’t work because of a leg injury. But a social media search shows Facebook photos of the claimant dancing at his son’s wedding. Website postings, blog entries, online video clips and photographs, and more can yield key findings for SIU review and case development.

4. Exposure Analysis and Evaluation

At this point in the claim, your efforts will focus on evaluating and mitigating damages. A physician sanctions search can identify any sanctions against a doctor involved in a claim, which raises critical questions on the strength and extent of a claimant’s case.

5. Disposition

At the end of the claim cycle, Decision Net vehicle ownership records, asset checks, and business profiles can be used for potential subrogation recoveries on uninsured motorist cases.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. With more than 100 reports, Decision Net is your gateway to information that can develop a claim, investigate possible fraud, and even mitigate exposure. Contact us at to discuss how your claim investigations can benefit from Decision Net solutions.

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