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Fire Marshal Reporting Update

Complying with state fire marshal regulations is something every insurer needs to be concerned about. ISO wants to remind insurers to make sure you are compliant with regulations in the states in which you offer fire coverage.

North Dakota reporting lagging

North Dakota Century Code 18-01-05 requires insurance companies doing business in North Dakota to report fire losses on property insured in the state to the State Fire Marshal. Despite this, the state has found that reporting is lagging. If you provide fire coverage in North Dakota, please bear in mind that you must comply with the regulation to report any questionable fire claims.

New Florida reporting requirements

In June, Florida enacted a law that affects Section 13 – Florida Statute 633.175 (Investigation of fraudulent insurance claims and crimes; immunity of insurance companies supplying information), which is being transferred and renumbered as Section 633.126. This section is being amended to require an insurer to report, in addition to fire, an explosion loss to the State Fire Marshal. In addition, reference to incendiary has been removed and replaced with intentional so that all suspected intentional fire and explosion losses are required to be reported to the State Fire Marshal. Please note that reporting to ISO ClaimSearch does not satisfy compliance requirements under this enactment.

New Colorado statue allows ISO to be reporting conduit

Colorado H.B. 1262 passed both houses and was signed into law by the governor on May 28, 2013. ISO had already met the definition of a “secondary agency” under the earlier regulation 6-5-1 concerning the reporting of suspected insurance fraud. This bill, Colorado H.B. 1262, now allows, by statute, a secondary agency such as ISO to be a conduit of reporting to the Division of Insurance. 

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Carlos Martins

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