Find Any Fraud Rings Lately?

By Thomas Mulvey November 14, 2013

How many fraud rings has your company identified lately? Direct General identified an organized fraud ring that billed the industry an estimated $8 million.

How did Direct General do it? Find out in NetMap® Case Study: Direct General, a new case study from ISO. Download the new report for real examples — from the SIU community — and see how you can use NetMap for ClaimSearch™ to:

  • identify suspicious activity earlier in the organized fraud life cycle
  • proactively review suspicious claims for broader related activity
  • build large, complex cases through visual link analysis
  • generate results for your SIU and your company

In NetMap Case Study: Direct General, you’ll read about how Direct General maximizes NetMap for ClaimSearch, a powerful link analysis and data visualization tool that accesses more than 860 million claim records from ISO ClaimSearch®.

Spreadsheets aren’t enough: Learn how you can use NetMap for ClaimSearch to detect suspicious activity earlier, protect your insureds, and take informed action to combat the organized fraud threat.

Connecting the dots among insureds, claimants, medical professionals, and other service providers in an organized fashion is a crucial task in fully understanding the intricacies of a large-scale ring. In addition, being able to visualize and explain the syndicate to senior claims management, counsel, litigators, and law enforcement is vital.

Visual link analysis has become a higher priority for the property/casualty insurance industry to expedite fraud detection, and NetMap Case Study: Direct General provides great insight on how best to use the NetMap tool.

Download NetMap Case Study: Direct General now. >>

Thomas Mulvey

Thomas Mulvey has been in the business of insurance investigations for more than 27 years. In his current position, he serves ISO as assistant vice president of SIU and claim services. He is also the coordinator of ISO’s Insurance Fraud Management Conference.