Decision Net Easy Access to Claims Scoring Improves Customer Service and Financial Results

Decision Net®, ISO’s claims investigation gateway to a host of information products, now provides easy online access through the ISO ClaimSearch® website to ClaimDirectorSM Scoring-On-Demand Reports. This exciting new service includes an expert claims-scoring system and report that can help you streamline the claims-handling process and identify suspicious claims quickly and efficiently.

ClaimDirectorSM Scoring-On-Demand Reports are designed to help claims and SIU departments make smarter, quicker decisions. The service provides a unique total claims score derived from an expert model that integrates seamlessly with the ISO ClaimSearch system. This powerful synergy can yield critical insights on findings derived from our all-claims database — a benefit exclusive to ClaimDirector.

ClaimDirector scoring:

  • analyzes the attributes of a specific claim, along with information from any matching claims in the ISO ClaimSearch database of more than 1 billion claims
  • compares those attributes against proven fraud indicators appropriate for the claim
  • assigns a weight to each characteristic according to the type of claim, line of business, loss date, and loss type
  • uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze all variables and calculate a proprietary claim score

After they make a request, users will instantly see a full version of the report displayed on Decision Net.  The report content includes both the ClaimDirector score and the ISO ClaimSearch claims history used in the scoring analysis.

Download a sample report

Download a sample and discover the value of ClaimDirector Scoring-On-Demand Reports. For more information, contact Customer Support at 1-800-888-4476 or