Drone Coverage: Coming Soon to a Policy near You

By Ron Beiderman  |  December 2, 2014

As companies around the United States look to integrate drones, or unmanned aircraft, into their operations, ISO has been researching associated risks and developing endorsement options to help address current and future needs.

New white paper: We just published a white paper called Exploring Drones: How Unmanned Aircraft Could Change the Way We Live, Work, and Think about Risk, which includes an analysis of the potential exposures and risks that the use of drones may present to the insurance industry. You can download it here.

Drone endorsements: We introduced endorsements for our general liability and commercial liability umbrella/excess programs to help insurers tailor policies in connection with risks that may use drones. By introducing varying scopes of exclusion options and options that allow insurers to cover described drones for described operations, insurers will have multiple tools available to them to address this new exposure with flexibility. You can view the circular here (ISOnet login required).

Future plans: We recently discussed drones and potential coverage tools to address personal lines related exposures with the Personal Property Panel. Other ISO lines are also researching the issue and will discuss it with their respective panels in the coming months.

If you’d like further information on our recent filing or have any questions on this topic, please contact me at rbeiderman@iso.com (201-469-2573) and jdeturris@iso.com (201-469-2697).

Ron Beiderman

Ron Beiderman is the Assistant Vice President, Commercial Casualty at ISO, a member of the Verisk Insurance Solutions group at Verisk Analytics. Ron has primary responsibility for overseeing the research and development, implementation and maintenance of policy forms, manual rules and loss costs for ISO's General Liability, Commercial Liability Umbrella/Excess, Medical Professional Liability and Farm insurance programs. He also plays a key role in ISO's emerging issues initiative. Ron has represented ISO at numerous industry forums, where he has spoken on emerging issues, additional insured issues, construction defect coverage issues, and general liability trends and developments.