Download New White Paper on the Organized Fraud Business Cycle

By Thomas Mulvey January 16, 2014


Organized fraud consists of large-scale, lucrative ventures operated much like legitimate business. In our latest white paper, read how fraudsters develop and manage such operations and make them profitable. You’ll also find out what you can do sooner rather than later to prevent the success of such schemes.

The Organized Fraud Business Cycle covers:

  • The Organized Fraud Maturity Cycle — the steps fraudsters take in building and operating a ring
  • speed to detection — why it’s critical to catch fraud while the enterprise is still forming
  • swift and decisive action — how special investigative units (SIUs) and insurers can prepare to find fraud, even at its earliest stages

Don’t wait to read this vital information. You’ll learn the best ways to identify a fraud ring when it’s forming and minimize its effect on your company and the community.
Download The Organized Fraud Business Cycle now.

Thomas Mulvey

Thomas Mulvey has been in the business of insurance investigations for more than 27 years. In his current position, he serves ISO as assistant vice president of SIU and claim services. He is also the coordinator of ISO’s Insurance Fraud Management Conference.