Don’t Rely on Claims Adjuster Training Only

By Michael Rivers  |  January 9, 2013

Claims departments always look for ways to improve settlement consistency. Both overpayment and underpayment signal unfair outcomes. Historically, claims organizations have relied on regular adjuster training to reduce the variances in outcomes for similar claims. But while training does help — for a while — the effect often diminishes with time. The benefits, in some cases, don’t last even 12 months, according to conversations we’ve had with our customers.

To get more value out of claims adjuster training — not to mention improved consistency in general — claims departments need technology-driven operational enhancements to keep adjusters aligned with claims-handling best practices. This approach delivers daily operational discipline to the adjustment and settlement process, helping to ensure adjusters ask the right questions at the right time.

The ISO Claims Outcome Advisor® (COA) Product Suite —which consists of ISO Liability Advisor®, ISO Injury Advisor®, and ISO Subrogation Advisor — fills the gaps left by adjuster retraining. The automated platform does more than give adjusters a checklist. It offers them a tool to use in managing the claims-handling process to make sure they don’t miss key information along the way. Further, COA uses the data collected, in conjunction with an insurer’s own claims payment history, to help the adjuster arrive at a fair, fast settlement that avoids litigation. Training, tools, and an adjuster’s years of experience thus come together to facilitate a stronger process that mitigates the risk of overpayment and underpayment.

Training is doubtless important, but it isn’t sufficient to keep claims adjusters in line with best practices. They need support every day to keep the claims-handling process disciplined and consistent. COA gives them the tools to ask the right questions, capture additional important data, and reach a fair and fast settlement. Combined with periodic training and the experience an adjuster accumulates on the job, the COA suite is a crucial element of a robust claims-handling operation.

Michael Rivers

Michael Rivers is manager for Claims Consulting and Analytics for ISO Claims Services. He manages the statistical analysis group, which is responsible for data mining and data analysis of millions of data elements from the property/casualty insurance industry. Mike can be reached at or 803-422-9169.