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Do you write business in Rhode Island?

A new Rhode Island law — calling for implementation of an uninsured motorist database — becomes effective July 1, 2014.

Note the short implementation window: The first official email went out May 9, and the state expects insurers to register next month and go live by November of this year.

The law, Chapter § 31-47.4 of the Rhode Island General Laws, requires a monthly book-of-business file for personal auto. Providing a commercial auto file is optional but recommended.

In an effort to help insurance companies comply, the state provided a tentative implementation schedule:

  • by June 16, 2014 – Register on the Rhode Island Insurance Verification System (RIIVS) website.
  • by September 5, 2014 – Complete testing.
  • by November 7, 2014 – Begin submitting monthly production book-of-business files to RIIVS.

If you write business in the state of Rhode Island and would like more information, please contact Verisk CV-ALIR® Support at 1-866-733-9900, or email us at

Lacy Berthold

Lacy Berthold is Supervisor over the CV-Exchange Support Team. She is responsible for on-boarding new customers and providing ongoing support to both customers and trading partners.