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Do You Know the Financial Health of Your Claimant?

Is your claimant or person of interest in bankruptcy? Are there outstanding liens against him or her? Claims and SIU professionals need as many insights as possible when evaluating a claim, including background information on the claimant — and other parties to the claim. Information from bankruptcy, liens, judgments, and foreclosure filings can drastically help in the claims analysis process.

The new Financial Stress Report on Decision Net® provides easy access to public records that indicate previous financial challenge and hardship. With a few clicks and keystrokes, adjusters and investigators can gain a fuller view of suspicious parties to a claim. With the Decision Net Financial Stress Report, you’ll find out about:

  • bankruptcies: details from personal filings submitted to and maintained by all districts of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court system
  • liens: federal, state, and county tax liens as well as property liens, building liens, hospital liens, and mechanics liens
  • judgments: federal and county civil rulings specifying the rights, monetary damages, and obligations of the parties to a lawsuit
  • foreclosures: public filings at county courthouses, county recorder offices, tax assessors, and sheriff’s offices

The report also gives you access to Decision Net Fraud Search. Fraud Search returns information from a unique repository of fraud-related crime records in ISO ClaimSearch®.

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