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Digital Data Forensics Revolutionizing the Claims Landscape

The digital age is upon us—and that’s working both for and against insurers, specifically when it comes to fraud. It’s an unfortunate fact that while deserving claimants are seeking fair recompense for losses, unscrupulous people are exploiting the claims payment system. The question is, What can be done to stem the tide of lost dollars?

While apps and software that allow photo manipulation may have been used to fake property damage in the past, now digital data forensics, an innovative tool that uses image validation, can help determine the legitimacy of claims. With widespread adoption, digital forensics technology will allow claim handlers to visualize prior damages, streamline the payment process, and significantly improve the customer experience.

Digital forensics can verify the digital integrity of photos and identify digital manipulation. This innovative solution enables users to take next steps with the information they receive, for example, providing:

  • image alteration checks, as well as image metadata and image blurring validation, to determine whether the image has been changed, copied from the Internet, or is available within the database
  • matching and retrieval of near-duplicate image documents that support identification of document forgery, ultimately speeding up cycle time for investigating questionable claims and enhancing FNOL “no touch” processes

Digital data will be key to identifying claims that need further investigation and, conversely, eliminating the need for further investigation of legitimate claims. This allows adjusters to pay meritorious claims more quickly, keeping customers happy.

With claims forensics technology already in place at Verisk, we’re ready to support insurers as they move into the digital data realm. By applying digital forensics, we’re creating a seamless process that integrates with visualized ISO ClaimSearch®, improves suspicious claims identification, and delivers on your promise to pay claims efficiently.

For more details on this exciting technology, you can also contact me at or 201-253-8484 to begin taking advantage of digital data benefits. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Kevin Rawlins

Kevin Rawlins is Manager, Customer Experience for ISO ClaimSearch. In this role, he manages external customer relationships and plays keys roles on several industry advisory and customer experience groups. Kevin also is the product leader for the ISO ClaimSearch Digital Data Initiative.

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