Decision Net Web Presence Search: New Feature

By John Deegan  |  August 9, 2012

So many sources to check, so little time. Technology has provided us with rich amounts of online background data, which is helpful — but only when we can find it. Today, a person may have multiple e-mail addresses for various purposes. If you conduct a background search on a claimant, for example, using just one e-mail address, you could wind up missing important information.

But a new feature in the Decision Net Web Presence Search will help you keep important bits and bytes from falling through the cyber cracks. Starting now, you can search using multiple e-mail addresses and find websites, social networks, and a variety of secondary online data sources, such as blogs and photo-sharing services — all delivered in one convenient report.

The Web Presence Search identifies an individual’s “web footprint” — the trail of digital information left behind from participation and postings on social networking websites. The search uses multiple search engines and customized web-crawling tools to screen millions of online sources and displays findings in a convenient match report summary. Here’s how it works:

  1. Hold your cursor over the e-mail field in the Decision Net Web Presence Search screen.
  2. A mouse-over message will appear, telling you how to enter additional e-mail addresses.
  3. Enter the additional addresses.
  4. Run the Web Presence Search Report.
  5. Receive and review your enhanced match results.