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Decision Net social media investigations expand to include business entities

There are any number of traditional sources of information you can use when investigating commercial parties to claims — suspicious and otherwise. And then there are the large volumes of information available on the Internet. Of course, finding key insights pertinent to a claim among the massive amounts of online data makes any web-based investigation of a business a daunting challenge.

That’s where the new version of the ISO ClaimSearch® Decision Net® Web Presence Search can make a real difference. The new business version of our Web Presence Search adds an extra dimension to claims review and verification. Powered by multiple search engines and customized web-crawling tools, the search completes an extensive sweep of millions of websites in a matter of seconds. The result can be a treasure trove of self-reported and third-party information available for public viewing on the Internet.

Sources screened by this new version of the Web Presence Search include but are not limited to social networking sites, blogs, news outlets, photo-sharing services, and government agencies. These disparate sources can help identify disreputable entities that would cause an insurer to red-flag a claim if such entities were listed as an involved party.

What kind of information might be available? Here’s an example of what was discovered about an underhanded roofing contractor:

  • His job estimation “process” included inspection of roof and substructure, and he conveniently found damage attributable to wind, hail, and/or insects.
  • Former employees blew the whistle. He had stated that the “only way to make money is to create your own damage.”
  • He was eventually convicted on multiple counts of hailstorm insurance fraud.

Match results consist of URL links to web pages containing references to a business. Clicking on those links can unveil a host of valuable findings, such as:

  • business background and history
  • owner profiles, including education, work experience, and personal communications on the web
  • digital images of premises and personnel
  • blog entries, user forum comments, and reviews from current and former business patrons
  • web postings by current and former employees
  • local press reports and industry news articles
  • legal notices, agency filings, and court documents

URL listings are sorted by match accuracy, with the closest matches to queries appearing first in the match report. URLs where the match to a business may not be as strong are also provided, as they can yield additional findings should an investigation warrant the widest possible coverage.

Combining online search results with public record findings from other third-party sources is one of the most effective, innovative ways to compile a comprehensive, multidimensional profile of a business.

The Web Presence Search is made possible through ISO’s partnership with Social Intelligence, a Riv Data Corp. company. Social Intelligence is a leading provider of social media screening and research solutions to a wide range of industries. All products supported by Social Intelligence, including the business version of the Web Presence Search, are compliant with federal and state privacy protection laws for both individuals and organizations.

Where to find it

The business version of the Web Presence Search is located on the Public Records/Business page of Decision Net.

Please note: In some cases, search results may include links to websites where access is blocked by your company’s Internet security protocols. Contact your systems administrator to explore options for viewing web content.

For more information

To learn more about the Web Presence Search, contact Customer Support at 1-800-888-4476 or send e-mail to

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