Cyber Risk and ISO’s E-Commerce Program

By Vincent Conti June 15, 2012

Maybe your first thought when you hear the term cyber risk is Skynet becoming self-aware and launching the Terminators. But maybe you’re more worried about how you’re going to underwrite the Skynet operation than you are about the extinction of the human race. Fortunately, that’s not what our latest web seminar is about, but I like the way you’re thinking.

Instead, the session is about risks that could threaten a company’s digital existence. Whether it’s a security breach, a virus, or sabotage, all can pose a serious threat to your customers’ everyday operations. There can be network interruptions, data theft or loss, and extortion. Third parties can claim infringement, defamation, and invasion of privacy rights. The good news is that, unlike in the movies, an attack is not a global catastrophe. And ISO’s E-commerce program can help you provide coverage for your customers against the ever-growing threat of cyber risks. Find out how our E-Commerce Program can help you.

Watch this important session, and say hasta la vista, baby, to the difficulties of setting up a cyber risk insurance program for your customers.