CMS to Hold NGHP Section 111 Town Hall Call on December 10, 2014

By Mark Popolizio November 24, 2014

CMS will be holding a NGHP Section 111 Town Hall teleconference on December 10, 2014 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET.   A copy of CMS’ notice and call-in instructions can be obtained here.

The following outlines information related to this matter:


The following topics will be addressed as part of this call:

  • Reporting Partial SSNs for Section 111 purposes.
  • Response File Naming Convention Change.
  • Multi-factor authentication related to Medicare Secondary Payer.

CMS’ notice contains a link where the public can submit questions prior to this Town Hall.


In preparation for this call, the following background information may be helpful:

SSN Change

CMS released an Alert dated September 10, 2014 announcing that starting January 5, 2015 it will allow RREs to submit only the last five digits of a person’s SSN (as opposed to providing the full SSN) for Section 111 purposes.

It is anticipated that CMS will use this Town Hall to provide additional information and instructions related to this upcoming change.  Click here for a copy of CMS’ Alert and click herefor our recent article on this matter.

Naming Convention Change

By Alert dated October 27, 2014, CMS announced forthcoming naming convention changes related to the Claim Response, TIN, Response and Query Response Files.  A copy of this Alert can be obtained here.

Multi-Factor Authentication

While CMS’ notice did not elaborate as to what is contemplated under this agenda item, it is very possible that this relates to the status of CMS’ efforts to make the Medicare secondary payer recovery portal completely functional to effectuate the SMART Act’s new expedited conditional payment process.   To learn more about this issue, click here to review ISO CP’s prior newsletter.

ISO Claims Partners will attend this Town Hall call and provide a summary of the discussed items.

Mark Popolizio

Mark Popolizio is the Vice President of MSP Compliance and Policy for ISO Claims Partners. Mark’s area of specialty is Medicare secondary payer compliance. He authors regular articles and provides educational presentations across the country on MSP issues. Mark's e-mail address is