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Claims Inquiry Is Much Improved … And We’re Still Working Hard to Make it Better

Last year, we released several upgrades to Claims Inquiry to help you to conduct quicker and more complete claims investigations. Specifically, we streamlined the functionality and design of our Claims Inquiry search screen, summary grid, and navigation.

And in an ongoing effort to continually improve our services, we asked for your feedback through a survey in early January. We reached out to more than 27,000 ISO ClaimSearch users to ensure we received as much information as possible to use in future iterations of Claims Inquiry.

We’re happy to report that the majority of respondents reported the highest levels of satisfaction with the Claims Inquiry changes that were made. Overall, users stated that they were able to find records more quickly and easily based on the new layout and data enhancement functions. The addition of company name and description of loss were the most highly rated enhancements. Other features that resonated with ISO ClaimSearch users include: the auto-fill function, highlighted search items, look-up feature, and match summary.

While we appreciate the positive feedback, we also learned that there are still a few items we need to improve. We’ve begun tackling these improvements for an upcoming release, including:

  • retaining search field entries following use of the back button from the Match Summary Grid
  • eliminating the need to log in twice after your session has been timed out
  • fine tuning the name and address searches
  • incorporating a ‘Previous Searches’ link  which allows a user to go back to any of the searches performed in the last seven days
  • improving the Print Format Reports from the Match Summary Grid and Match Report screens

Thanks to your input and ideas, we are addressing issues raised in response to the survey. We will continue to solicit your feedback as we complete additional enhancements, and we encourage you to share your ideas and insight with us at any time.

Louis Riggio

Louis Riggio brings over 25 years of experience in the P&C Insurance and Training industries to his role as Training & Communications Manager for ISO ClaimSearch Solutions. Louis has held numerous positions within these industries over the course of his career with his longest tenure in Claims. He also leverages a diverse background in Operations, Product Development/Support and Project Management. These skills allow Louis to support and enhance the ISO ClaimSearch Solution customer experience.

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