Workers' Compensation

March Madness and Workers’ Compensation

March Madness—is big business. Workers’ compensation insurance could protect schools from costly legal matters and increase the market for insurers.

Scrooge & Marley, PLC: A commercial insurance case study

A look at some of the specific risks that threatened Scrooge’s firm.

The Insurable Risks of Zombie Attacks on Small Businesses

In the event of a zombie attack, there’s a very high risk to humans. Insurers need to examine current BOP offerings.

Traumatic brain injury deaths highest for small company construction workers

As you might imagine, the construction industry has the greatest number of both fatal and nonfatal traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in U.S. workplaces.

Education + Marketing = Better Loss Control + Customer Retention

For best risk management results, insurers should communicate directly with those decision makers in a policyholder’s business.

Solving a problem before it’s a problem

Insurance trades, blogs, and websites devote a great deal of space to addressing two critical issues related to the risks associated with writing workers' compensation policies: claims costs and medical fraud. Claiman...

Don’t take workers' compensation applications at face value

Do you take a workers' compensation insurance application at face value? Or do you thoroughly research the applicant’s information, verify data fields, look at photos of the property, find out where the nearest...

Workers' Compensation Leaders Research Colloquium

I recently participated in a workers' compensation (WC) leaders research colloquium at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) .  The meeting brought together a small group of external worker...

A new year, a new ISO ClaimSearch

Back in December, ISO ClaimSearch began its exciting transformation. The system will ultimately offer a more intuitive design supported by a robust system to facilitate faster claim handling and deliver superior claim...