Telematics Will Strongly Shape the Future of Insurance

We’ve barely touched the surface of telematics and the ways it will shape the future of insurance and the rest of our lives.

An Update on Predictive Modeling in the Insurance Industry

Changes and opportunities in predictive modeling to combat insurance fraud.

Telematics holds the potential for improved safety and lower claims

Americans drove a combined 3.1 trillion miles over 12 months through March 2016. With drivers traveling more miles, the potential for accidents increases.

Exposing myths in usage-based auto insurance analytics

UBI is constantly evolving, and new techniques to gain deeper insights from the data emerge every day.

Telematics revolutionizes claims: Connected cars will automate FNOL process and so much more

All the data that telematics devices collect can be used in ways that will revolutionize insurance far beyond customer acquisition and retention.

Verisk Telematics Team: Ready for Connected Car Insurance USA Chicago ’16!

The Telematics team at Verisk – insurance solutions is ready for TU-Automotive’s Connected Car Insurance USA conference on September 7-8 in Chicago.