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Bringing together underwriting and loss control

There’s little doubt that field-surveyed property reports are the gold standard in the industry. Our trained staff examines critical characteristics and provides detailed assessments of commercial properties and related risks. Surveys give you the confidence to make sound underwriting decisions. So, how can we improve the process? By appending to the survey data that provides even more insight for loss control.

On October 16, we’re hosting a web seminar to show how underwriting and loss control benefit from appending data to field surveys. The web seminar is part of our Thursday Product Spotlight series. Two expert members of our Verisk Commercial Property team will offer different perspectives on the topic.

Mike Simonian is regional vice president of our northeastern field survey staff — the men and women who do the hands-on work, such as climbing on roofs, measuring properties, and assessing sprinklers. They do it across multiple lines, including commercial property, general liability, inland marine, builders risk, and workers' compensation.

Brad Burgess, an account executive in our sales area, will join Mike for the web seminar. He doesn’t get his hands dirty anymore, but Brad knows what that’s like because he was a Verisk field rep for six years. Brad knows the practical applications of using data to improve underwriting and loss control, and he now meets and speaks with customers daily.

When you order an on-site survey, one of our more than 550 field representatives obtains the information requested. But the rest of the story is how we add data and analytics from ProMetrix® to make the survey results even more valuable to you. The information includes an updated loss cost, Class Insight (for class-rated risks), Relative Hazard Grading, sprinkler score, aerial imagery, Loss Estimate Report, 360Value® replacement cost valuation, and LOCATION® reports.

Bradley Bain

Bradley Bain is the vice president, community hazard mitigation.

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