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BCEGS Bracket Busters!

March Madness is upon us as the college basketball playoffs begin. Everyone has a unique method for filling out the brackets, whether it’s loyally choosing your alma mater against their rivals, picking teams by uniform color, or even selecting winners by school mascot. At Verisk, we have our own strategy: We’re picking winners based on each school’s local ISO Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®) score! See the brackets below.

The BCEGS program has rated more than 22,000 jurisdictions in 45 participating states (sorry Gonzaga, Eastern Washington, LSU, Lafayette, and Ole Miss), with more than 1,423 data points gathered to evaluate building code adoption, administration, and enforcement. BCEGS emphasizes building code requirements designed to mitigate losses from natural hazards and develops a relative classification for each community for insurance rating and underwriting purposes.

Can’t decide which 9 over 8 to take or which 12-seed will sneak into the Sweet 16? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We predicted the winner of each matchup based on the BCEGS score for that school’s location (or nearest rated community) all the way to the championship. Will it be the winning bracket? Who knows, but it beats picking by mascot.

We’ll be posting a recap of how we did before the Final Four.

For more information on BCEGS, go to


Zack Schmiesing

Zack Schmiesing is the director of thought leadership at Verisk Commercial Property.