Balancing Demands: The Dilemma of Claims Operations

By Carrie Barr  |  June 16, 2014

Claims staff members are faced today with some of the biggest challenges ever in workers' compensation claims management and MSP compliance. Balancing the demands of increasingly heavy workloads while properly addressing all the necessary details is critical to successful claims outcomes. Not to mention process execution, which must be flawless to ensure that customers remain happy. So how do insurers get it all done in the right way? The answer is a combination of expertise and scale. Insurers can save time and money by having a partner that’s able to blend national Medicare secondary payer (MSP) and workers' compensation expertise with local knowledge to help resolve some of the toughest claims. Consider, for example, conditional payments cost mitigation. Conditional payment investigations, performed on an ad hoc basis, can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and ultimately, frustrating. A partner without a large enough footprint to service all the markets in which a carrier operates, or the necessary systems or the breadth or depth of expertise to strongly advocate on an insurer’s behalf, can cost a carrier thousands of dollars per claim and millions of dollars per year. The key to successfully balancing expertise and scale lies in how the execution gets done. At ISO Claims Partners, clients get a local “SWAT Team,” whose sole purpose is to remain focused on meeting the needs of an insurer’s daily business. At the same time, clients have access to the expertise of the ISO Claims Partners national “Power Team,” available when needed. Being able to provide personalized attention to settlement on a claim-by-claim basis is necessary for an effective claims operation. But a fully integrated, comprehensive approach offers many more efficiencies.

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Carrie Barr

Carrie Barr is senior vice president and chief operating officer for ISO Claims Partners. In her role, Carrie is responsible for driving strategy, leadership, and the overall success of the organization. A considerable portion of that is focused on the management, coordination, and execution of field sales, which cover all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the London market.