3E Company Announces New Exposure Scenario Authoring Service to Facilitate REACH Conformance

Experienced Team of Authors and Regulatory Experts Create Extended Safety Data Sheets and Exposure Scenarios for Streamlined Conformance with REACH Obligations

Carlsbad, CA, February 28, 2012 — 3E Company, a leading provider of environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, today announced its new Exposure Scenario Authoring Service, aimed at streamlining conformance with Europe’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulatory framework. The new service alleviates the burden of producing lengthy and complex exposure scenarios (ES) and extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) documents and enhances product stewardship quality and productivity.

Under REACH guidelines, companies supplying 10 tons or more per year of a hazardous substance must provide exposure scenarios as an integrated part of their Safety Data Sheets (SDS). The new, longer document, known as an eSDS, must cover all “identified uses” of a substance throughout its life cycle. An ES must include risk assessments for every use to ensure the substance is properly controlled at all times.

The ES, as defined by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), consists of four sections, all requiring detailed explanations: Exposure Scenario Scope; Contributing Exposure Scenarios for controlling environmental, worker, and consumer exposure; Exposure Estimation; and Guidance to Downstream Users. Given the vast amount of information required to ensure conformance, 3E Company anticipates that the creation of exposure scenarios will be an additional source of concern for manufacturers and distributors already struggling to comply with rapidly evolving global regulations. 

3E’s Exposure Scenario Authoring Service eases the burden by facilitating the creation of accurate and reliable exposure scenarios for pure substance products as well as for individual components in a mixture. The eSDS’s exposure scenarios are provided either as separate documents or attached to and integrated within part of the European SDSs.

“Developing comprehensive, compliant, and accurate exposure scenarios and extended Safety Data Sheets is incredibly time-intensive and could drain a company’s in-house product stewardship resources,” said Yasmin Chen, manager, Outsourced Authoring Operations, 3E Company. “3E has leveraged our unparalleled SDS authoring expertise to serve as the foundation of the new Exposure Scenario Authoring Service. Our talented team of authors and experts continually strives to ease the burden of environmental regulatory conformance for our customers, and the introduction of our Exposure Scenario Authoring Service is certainly a realization of that goal.”

“We anticipate that many customers will find this new service to be a valuable addition to their arsenal of compliance solutions,” added Chen.

3E’s Exposure Scenario Authoring Service is available immediately.

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