3E Company Meets REACH Exposure Scenario Challenges with Latest Version of MSDgen MSDS Authoring System

MSDgen 6.05 Aligns with Latest ECHA Chemical Safety Guidance and Handles Unlimited Number of Materials and Scenarios

Carlsbad, CA, June 10, 2011 — 3E Company, a leading provider of environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, today announced the availability of MSDgen® 6.05, an enhanced version of its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) authoring system. The new version includes many features for quicker and easier development of accurate and compliant MSDSs, labels, and other hazard communication documents that conform to complex emerging regulations, including the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for classification and labeling of chemicals and Europe's Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulatory framework. 

Support for Development of REACH Exposure Scenarios

MSDgen 6.05 aligns with the latest European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Chemical Safety Guidance and handles an unlimited number of materials and scenarios. MSDgen 6.05 facilitates the development of the REACH Exposure Scenario (ES) component of extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDSs) in accordance with ECHA’s most recent guidance documents (published in May 2010), as well as the ES for Communication XML (ESComXML) standard format being developed by industry associations, IT software providers, ECHA, and the Federation of German Industries (BDI). 3E Company anticipates that the creation of Exposure Scenarios will be an additional source of concern for manufacturers and distributors already struggling to conform to rapidly evolving global regulations. 

The ES, as defined by ECHA, consists of four sections, all requiring detailed explanations: Exposure Scenario Scope; Contributing Exposure Scenarios for controlling environmental, worker, and consumer exposure; Exposure Estimation; and Guidance to Downstream Users. MSDgen 6.05 facilitates the development of all four sections, dramatically reducing the time required to create a compliant ES document. The platform facilitates the definition and association of an unlimited number of Contributing Scenarios (CS) for controlling worker and consumer exposure. In addition, MSDgen 6.05 supports and uses European Phrases Catalogue (EuPhraC) statements and codes.

“Authoring compliant and accurate hazard communication documents has become increasingly complex and time-consuming, now compounded by the added requirement of REACH Exposure Scenarios,” said Clark VanScoder, vice president, MSDgen Operations, 3E Company. “Developing compliant ESs will be a cumbersome and expensive task for many companies. 3E Company, however, stands ready to support our customers as they embrace these challenges by supporting the development of REACH Exposure Scenarios in the latest version of MSDgen.”

Creation of Product Information Sheets

MSDgen 6.05 allows users to automatically generate product information sheets for articles, distinct from the MSDSs required for chemicals. These can be controlled at the system and material level.

Enhanced GHS Functionality

Included in the new version are multiple GHS-related enhancements, such as the addition of support for Brazil, Indonesia, and Singapore authority regulations, as well as related Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels, and numerous enhancements and optimizations to existing authority regulations, including EU, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Taiwan. New Classification, Labeling and Packaging (CLP) labels have been added to provide more label sizes and multiple language options. In addition, the platform has been optimized to allow the user to more easily control the automatic assignment of parameterized Hazard and Precautionary (H and P) statements.

User Interface and Performance Optimizations

Other notable new features include:

  • enhanced user interface behavior that automatically adapts to the current Windows® theme colors
  • creation and update of material header information without running calculations
  • optimized Rules generation and calculations and classification performance 
  • option to automatically remember and retain document and language combinations used during a finalization and archiving session
  • enhanced glossary and phrase control to allow users the ability to more easily categorize and organize statements, as well as allowing identification and maintenance of translation variances for these statements
MSDgen 6.05 is available immediately.


About 3E Company
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