INTEGRA Integrates with Interthinx® for Streamlined Risk Mitigation and Regulatory Compliance

— Integration of FraudGUARD® and the PredProtect Regulatory Compliance SuiteSM provides lenders proven technology to reduce loss and protect against accusations of predatory lending abuse —

AGOURA HILLS, CA, March 5, 2008 — Interthinx®, Inc., the leading provider of proven risk mitigation, mortgage fraud prevention and regulatory compliance tools for the mortgage industry, has successfully integrated its validated loan-level fraud detection system and automated regulatory compliance solution with INTEGRA Software Systems. Due to customer demand, INTEGRA has selected FraudGUARD® and PredProtectSM to embed into its Destiny LOS (Loan Origination System) and its next generation EPIC LOS. INTEGRA partners with mortgage lending clients to provide each of them a competitive advantage with an LOS tailored to their specific needs and is committed to providing its customers with highly configurable mortgage technology solutions. As a result of this integration, loans originated through Destiny and EPIC platforms can be seamlessly submitted to FraudGUARD for risk/fraud assessment and to PredProtect for predatory lending and other regulatory compliance validations within seconds.

“Our strategic alliance with Interthinx provides INTEGRA customers another ideal interface that expands the scope and availability of leading industry third party solutions,” said Jerry Pratt, president of INTEGRA. “We’re proud to provide our customers innovative and proven technology from Interthinx designed to protect lenders and drastically reduce cost during this time of significant correction.”

“The ‘easy access’ interface from Destiny compiles mortgage loan application data and directly communicates with the Interthinx systems, so there is no ‘re-keying’ of data,” stated Rick Allen, senior vice president of INTEGRA “Interthinx securely and instantly analyzes loan information for risk exposure and APR, predatory lending and other compliance violations. Once analysis is complete, Destiny receives and conveniently displays the Interthinx reports which streamlines workflow and saves my company valuable time in a market where cost reduction and quality matter more than ever.”

“We are entering an unprecedented era where Congress is preparing to tighten already tough lending standards and loan quality is no longer optional,” continued Roger Fendelman, Esq., vice president of compliance for Interthinx. “Lenders and investors are facing the disastrous effects of fraud and compliance failures as foreclosures skyrocket and balance sheets dip into the red. As the industry struggles to come up with efficient, cost-effective ways to manage these risks, Interthinx remains the only third party service provider to offer in-house fraud and compliance solutions that, when used together, provide proven protection against fraudulent loans and accusations of predatory lending abuse.”

About Interthinx
Interthinx, Inc., an ISO business, is the nation’s leading provider of proven risk mitigation and regulatory compliance tools for the financial services industry. Used at every point in the mortgage lifecycle to prevent mortgage fraud, compliance violations and to assess risk, Interthinx is relied upon by more than 1,400 customers, including 15 of the top 20 mortgage lenders and three of the top five largest financial institutions. With technology that earned Mortgage Technology Magazine’s prestigious 10X Award as “a diagnostic and corrective solution of the highest order,” Interthinx expertise in predictive analytics, data mining, and risk scoring sets the standard for the industry and directly increases the value of client portfolios. For more information, visit or call 1-800-333-4510.

Established in 1996, INTEGRA partners with mortgage lending clients – medium to large sized banks; brokers; credit unions; retail, wholesale, and correspondent lenders – to provide each of them a competitive advantage with a loan origination system (LOS) tailored to their specific needs. INTEGRA’s Destiny LOS spans point-of-sale through post-closing and secondary marketing for lenders interested in efficiencies gained from automating every step of their consumer or mortgage loan workflow. Destiny wraps around a lender’s particular business model and each of their business channels: Retail, Wholesale, Correspondent, Internet, Consumer, Commercial and Telemarketing. INTEGRA’s recent integration of its WinBanker tool set further expands the company’s core mortgage software business into complementary banking software for banks and credit unions of all sizes.

About ISO
A leading source of information about risk, ISO provides data, analytics, and decision-support services to professionals in many fields, including insurance, finance, real estate, health services, government, human resources, and risk management. Using advanced technologies to collect, analyze, develop, and deliver information, ISO helps customers evaluate and manage risk. The company draws on vast expertise in actuarial science, insurance coverages, fire protection, fraud prevention, catastrophe and weather risk, predictive modeling, data management, economic forecasting, social and technological trends, and many other fields. To meet the needs of diverse clients, ISO employs an experienced staff of business and technical specialists, analysts, and certified professionals. In the United States and around the world, ISO helps customers protect people, property, and financial assets.

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