DXCG Co-Founder Receives Award for Health Care Research

Randall Ellis honored for co-authoring paper explaining the role of predictability in health care spending

BOSTON, June 19, 2008 — DxCG, a division of Urix, Inc. and worldwide provider of predictive modeling software for health care today announced that Co-founder Randall P. Ellis, Ph.D., is the recipient of the National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM)’s Health Care Research Award. The award was presented to Dr. Ellis and Thomas G. McGuire, Ph.D., of the Harvard Medical School's Department of Health Care Policy, at a ceremony in Washington, DC on Monday for their co-authored article, “Predictability and Predictiveness in Health Care Spending” in the Journal of Health Economics. The award recognizes outstanding research work that furthers innovation in health care financing, delivery and the implementation of health care policy.

The research develops and implements a rigorous measure of the incentive health plans have to over- or under-provide specific health care services, and applies its techniques to a large, representative sample of Medicare enrollees. This method identifies hospice care, home health services and durable medical equipment as services providing strong incentives for plans to undersupply since they are typically used by relatively high cost individuals. Conversely, services such as eye procedures, dermatology, and chiropractic care are among those that plans have the greatest incentive to make readily available, as these services attract relatively healthy enrollees.

“Dr. Ellis’ article advances knowledge in its application of theory, its statistical methodology, and its policy relevance,” said Andrea Cianfarini, vice president of operations and health care analytics at Urix. “This esteemed award from NIHCM is a reflection of the substantial impact that predictive modeling can have in health care spending.”

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