Urix Releases New Care Management Tool

CaseSmartSM is the first integrated product release after the unification of Urix and DxCG

BOSTON, October 30, 2007 — Urix, Inc., an ISO business, announces the release of CaseSmartSM, the first integrated product since the corporate union of Urix and DxCG. CaseSmart combines Urix smart technology with next generation DxCG science to help significantly improve care management planning, assessment and efficiency.

CaseSmart combines data mining and predictive models, filtering and analytics to rapidly identify, stratify, evaluate and prioritize cases through a user-friendly, web-based interface. Once cases are scored using advanced DxCG predictive models, CaseSmart provides filtering and ranking with point-click ease, so prioritization and evaluation is quick and easy, resulting in saved time and money.

“CaseSmart is a collaborative tool that allows nurses to employ their clinical evaluation skills to build care focused filters and select the best cases for interventions. CaseSmart thinks like a physician, and uses train of thought clinical analysis, which results in efficient, easy, and fast data mining,” stated John Farrell, president of Urix, Inc. “Now, nurses can spend more time with patients and less time assessing cases, which allows for superior quality care and an improved ROI.”

“CaseSmart incorporates DxCG’s proven Diagnostic Cost Group methodology for case identification and our advanced Likelihood of Hospitalization Model for case prioritization.  Care managers now have an innovative tool with a trusted methodology to determine potentially high cost cases, likelihood of hospitalization, and care gaps so that care can be optimized by intervention and evaluation,” said Andrea Cianfarini, research director at DxCG, Urix’s Science Division.

Pricing and Availability
CaseSmart is available as a single-point solution based on Microsoft’s .NET or combined with other components of the Urix Analytic Platform, an enterprise decision support system. CaseSmart offers intuitive user elements such as drop down menus, lists and tabs that can be customized. CaseSmart generates reports that users can access through their Web browser. Multiple reporting features are available within the Urix Analytic Platform. Users deploy CaseSmart under an application service provider (ASP) arrangement with data acquisition through Urix’s USTART, extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) tool and data warehousing application.

CaseSmart is priced according to the size and scope of each client’s implementation. Urix sells CaseSmart through its direct sales force. For more information about CaseSmart, contact Urix at sales@urix.com.

About Urix®, Inc.
Urix, an ISO business, is a leading independent health care analytics company that offers a portfolio of products to help clients gain insight into their medical data. Urix technology streamlines clients’ data from multiple sources and displays results in a user-friendly, web-based interactive analytics and reporting environment. Urix solutions enable clients to proactively manage their health care costs and risk while improving the quality and effectiveness of care. Health care organizations use Urix’s advanced reporting capabilities for rapid decision-support across many health care business areas. Urix is Where Intelligent Decision Making Begins™.

About DxCG
DxCG, a division of Urix, Inc., promotes fair and efficient health care by providing predictive modeling solutions to more accurately plan, budget and evaluate health care management programs. DxCG has been providing research into the science of risk adjustment and predictive modeling since 1996 and its methodologies are used by the U.S. federal government to set payment rates for Medicare. Today, more than 350 customers worldwide use the most publicly researched predictive models to empower strategic decision-making and create successful financing, organization and delivery of health services.

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Stephanie Martinovich (Urix)

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