ISO Launches Major New Microsoft .Net-Ready Version of ISO Claims Outcome AdvisorTM Solution

  • COATM Release 3.1 personal injury claims solution offers new enhancements and improvements for a range of functions, including Treatment Protocols, Medical Library and Settlement Analyzer
  • ASP-based delivery and .Net integration to enable personal injury claims management deployment across IT infrastructure

COLUMBIA, S.C., May 5, 2004 — Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) has launched the new Microsoft® .Net-ready version of its powerful ISO Claims Outcome AdvisorTM (COATM) personal injury claims management solution.

COA Release 3.1 offers major new features, including the Treatment Protocols function and enhancements to the COA Medical Library and Settlement Analyzer tool. This will enable claims handlers, managers and third parties across the entire enterprise to manage information about personal injury claims via a secure web browser, thereby speeding up claims resolution, improving accuracy and ensuring best practices.

As the only comprehensive .Net-ready personal injury claims solution in the market, COA 3.1 enables insurers to integrate their personal injury claims systems across different platforms, applications and programming languages throughout their IT infrastructures. COA's ASP-based delivery method and web-services integration allow insurance companies to deploy the solution rapidly with a low initial investment and integrate with other .Net systems, such as claims administration systems.

"The market for adjusting bodily injury claims is facing ever-changing demands. To meet these evolving requirements, ISO is committed to continuously enhancing the capabilities of the ISO Claims Outcome Advisor solution. With Release 3.1, we have taken a major step toward improved functionality with the new Treatment Protocols feature and significant improvements to the COA Medical Library and Settlement Analyzer tool," said Lee Fogle, vice president of ISO's Claims Services Division. "By making the new version .Net-ready, we are also web-enabling this functionality for many users to access remotely certain modules and monitor the progress of claims."

COA's Treatment Protocols assess the status of injuries in terms of potential medical treatment and group them into "expected" and "possible" categories. The treatments indicated by the Treatment Protocols are intended to represent all of the most common and typical treatments for any given injury or complication. Treatment Protocols help claims adjusters identify and select the appropriate treatment codes within COA more easily and quickly. The protocols also are able to predict the treatments needed for particular claims, enabling adjusters to take a more proactive approach to reserving and case management.

The enhancements to the Medical Library include updated medical texts and glossaries and 200 new high-quality illustrations to complement texts. These illustrations include both still and animated images (mini movie clips) to demonstrate the motion in articulated joints, such as the knee and elbow. These enhancements provide claims handlers a more detailed understanding of injuries and conditions to help them assess claims and make an equitable offer the first time.

Settlement Analyzer is a multifunctional tool that facilitates accurate modeling based on historic settlement behavior. This analytical capability enables claims handlers and managers to improve the consistency and accuracy of injury claims handling.

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About ISO Claims Outcome AdvisorTM (COATM)
ISO Claims Outcome Advisor (COA) personal injury claims management solution manages the multiple dimensions of insurance companies' personal injury claims portfolios. Using internationally recognized ICD medical codes, COA understands the severity and recovery implications of more than 13,000 medical conditions — including injuries, treatments, complications and preexisting conditions — and 14,000 occupations. COA helps claims handlers, managers and actuaries manage the unique and complex medical, legal and occupational issues presented by personal injury claims and helps ensure appropriate financial arrangements are agreed upon and implemented. Claims handlers can manage all aspects of a case from first notice of loss to return-to-work plans and assessment of damages.

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