ISO Launches Rehabilitation Module for Claims Outcome AdvisorTM

  • Enables personal injury claims handlers to consider appropriate rehabilitation on every claim — not just the larger cases
  • Helps claims handlers operate in line with the Code of Best Practice

LONDON, Oct. 29, 2001 — Insurance Services Office (ISO), a leading provider of insurance claims services and information about property and liability risk, has launched a Rehabilitation Module for its Claims Outcome Advisor (COA) personal injury claims management solution. The new module assesses the impact an injury may have on the claimant's household and workplace activities by considering injuries, treatments, complications and pre-existing conditions relating to the requirements of different tasks and other factors. This provides a significantly more accurate understanding of a claimant's medical condition and prediction of the long-term outcome than existing return-to-work practices. This will help claims handlers work with claimants towards rehabilitation and early intervention in line with the Code of Best Practice.

The Rehabilitation Module makes these predictions based on an understanding of 20,000 medical conditions and 14,000 occupations. Early intervention in relation to these predictions can foster a good relationship between claimant and defendant, which in turn produces an earlier settlement with reduced costs.

"Datamonitor has found that only 10 percent of workers in the UK return to work after a serious injury, whereas in Scandinavia the figure is closer to 50 percent," said David Smart, Business Development Director, ISO. "Although rehabilitation is already a common practice in the US, Canada and Australia, the UK insurance and legal industries are becoming increasingly aware of the enormous benefits for all parties involved. Previously, insurance companies only had systems and resources to be proactive with larger claims. However, with an ever-increasing exposure to personal injury claims, insurers now need to take steps to identify opportunities to be proactive on all claims, whatever their size. Our new Rehabilitation Module supports better case control and superior management of portfolios, and again shows ISO setting the standard in personal injury claims management.

"Effective rehabilitation will form a positive step towards reforming the claims process. By supporting a proactive approach to getting people back to work, claims handlers will reduce the current financial loss incurred through lost wages and lost production, treating workplace injuries and compensating the victims. Enabling treatment to be provided at the earliest opportunity rather than waiting until the claim has been stabilized increases the chances of the treatment being successful and the best outcome being achieved for all parties," concluded David Smart.

About COA

COA is the industry's first object-based solution to enable the complete management of personal injury claims portfolios. COA understands the severity and recovery implications of over 20,000 medical conditions, including injuries, treatments, complications and pre-existing conditions, and 14,000 occupations. COA helps claims handlers, managers and actuaries manage the unique and complex medical, legal, and occupational issues presented by personal injury claims, and helps ensure appropriate financial arrangements are agreed and implemented. Claims handlers can manage all aspects of a case from first notice of loss to return-to-work plans, rehabilitation and damages.

About ISO

Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) is a leading provider of information about property and liability risk and insurance claims services. ISO provides statistical, actuarial, underwriting and claims information and analysis; consulting and technical services; policy language; and information about specific locations for a broad section of commercial and personal lines of insurance. Around the world, ISO serves insurers and reinsurers, as well as agents, brokers, self-insureds, risk managers, insurance regulators, and other government agencies. ISO's Claims Outcome AdvisorTM (COA) solution helps claims handlers manage the unique and complex medical, legal, and occupational issues presented by personal injury claims, and helps determine the most favorable financial outcome. For more information on ISO products, contact ISO at

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