ISO Adds Fast Internet Access to Claims Outcome Advisor

JERSEY CITY, N.J., August 7, 2001 — Claims Outcome AdvisorTM (COA), the Insurance Services Office, Inc.'s expert bodily-injury and workers-comp claims-management system, is now fully accessible — as COA 2.0 — on the Internet.

With information on 13,000 medical conditions and 14,000 occupations, COA helps claims adjusters to manage complex medical, legal and occupational issues and to determine the most favorable financial outcome for any given claim.

"COA 2.0 is a secure, encrypted, next-generation tool, offering everything that insurers have come to expect from Claims Outcome Advisor, and enabling offices and remote adjusters to access the system from anywhere," Lee Fogle, Vice President-ISO Claim Services, said.

"It offers full-native Internet capability — all a user needs is a PC and a browser. COA uses the latest object-oriented programming technology and offers up-to-date tools for accurately determining reserves, evaluating claim-settlement patterns and improving consistency and fairness in settling claims," said Fogle.

COA 2.0 operates on Microsoft products, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT Server and Workstation, SQL Server 7.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. Claims Outcome Advisor remains available through other platforms.

ISO is a leading source of information, products and services related to property and liability risk. For a broad spectrum of commercial and personal lines of insurance, ISO provides statistical, actuarial, underwriting and claims information and analyses; consulting and technical services; policy language; and information about specific locations. In the United States and around the world, ISO serves insurers and reinsurers, as well as agents, brokers, self-insureds, risk managers, insurance regulators and other government agencies.

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