ISO and Systems Consulting Services, Inc. Offer Access to A-Plus Point-of-Sale Underwriting Information

ISO's A-PLUS Claims History Database Available To Users of SCSI's Business Information Analysis System

ELLICOTT CITY, MD, October 14, 1998 — Users of Systems Consulting Services, Inc.'s (SCSI) Business Information Analysis System (BIAS®) software will be able to access the Automated Property Loss Underwriting System (A-PLUS®) claims-information database to order property-loss reports under an agreement with Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) announced today.

This agreement provides a new distribution channel for ISO's A-PLUS claims-loss history reports to users at point-of-sale and for underwriting and customer service. The channel will provide direct, user-friendly access to ISO's A-PLUS claims-history database to 25,000 users of BIAS software, including many large insurers.

BIAS customers will be able to order and receive A-PLUS reports in the first quarter of 1999. According to SCSI, the integrated BIAS software is Year 2000 compliant. The product runs on a wide range of technology platforms and works with client-server networks, Internet browsers, mainframes and closed-end legacy softwares.

"With online and interactive access to the A-PLUS claims database, customers can make more informed underwriting decisions," said Steven Craig, general manager for A-PLUS. "Today's agreement further extends the reach of A-PLUS as an enterprise-based access and management tool to more insurers, enabling them to leverage technology for automating underwriting functions," he said.

"As BIAS continues to expand links to other products, A-PLUS customers will have access to a broad array of external data, enhancing productivity and improving service," Craig noted.

"Providing access to the A-PLUS claims information database through BIAS is a continuation of our effort to provide our customers with a single system to access all the information they need to make an underwriting decision," stated Ken Wayman, president of SCSI. "We have received numerous requests from our customers to enable them to access A-PLUS — the nation's largest property and liability claims database for personal and commercial lines," Wayman said.

"In our business, BIAS needs to provide data that customers want, when and where they want it. Today our customers are telling us they want online access to the A-PLUS underwriting database to make the best possible underwriting decisions in all situations," he added.

BIAS can work in conjunction with customers' existing systems, enabling them to connect with the A-PLUS database. For example, a customer using a legacy (mainframe) policy-processing system can order, receive and archive an A-PLUS report without expensive software rewrites.

A-PLUS is the largest property and liability claims database in the industry for personal and commercial lines underwriters. More than 1,000 companies and state-sponsored insurance programs, representing more than 83 percent of the industry, contribute claims data to the A-PLUS database. A-PLUS customers and approved agents of contributing companies have access to its information. With A-PLUS, users can independently evaluate the potential underwriting profitability of business and personal risks and risk locations. The A-PLUS report provides five years of property claims information on all losses from all perils at all dollar thresholds.

Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) provides information about the property/casualty industry, including statistical and claims information, actuarial analyses, policy language and related services. ISO's more than 2,900 customers include insurers and reinsurers, as well as agents, brokers, regulators and risk managers. For information on the A-PLUS claims history database, call Steven Craig at (212) 669-0507.

Systems Consulting Services, Inc., founded in 1986, is headquartered in Ellicott City, Md. The company provides managerial and technical services to businesses; BIAS, a decision-support software package that automates access to, and analysis and management of, insurance underwriting information; and the SCSI Net Application Server, which provides the facilities of BIAS via an inter- or intranet connection. Visit the SCSI website at www.

BIAS is a registered trademark of Systems Consulting Services, Inc.

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