Neil Spector

President, ISO

Neil Spector

Neil Spector is president of ISO, helping property/casualty insurers manage and improve underwriting and rating performance throughout the policy life cycle.

In the United States, Europe, and around the world, Mr. Spector is responsible for the personal and commercial lines underwriting and rating organization, including product management, strategy, sales, and operations, as well as application development, business development, government relations, and finance.

Mr. Spector oversees the development of underwriting and rating solutions that use timely and cost-effective predictive analytics and high-quality data to improve insurers’ ability to assess risk and improve their financial performance. He is also responsible for ISO’s core products and services—such as advisory prospective loss costs (projections of future claims), policy forms, underwriting rules, and related information—that most U.S. insurers use to write one or more lines of commercial or personal business.

Leading brands include 360Value®, LOCATION®, ISOnet®, Mozart Form Composer, RISK:check® Point of Sale, A-PLUS, Coverage VerifierSM, ISO Market Landscape, iiX, and the ProMetrix® suite of services. His operational responsibilities include a national field force that performs on-site commercial building inspections and a community hazard mitigation team that administers our municipal fire protection, building code, and flood programs in communities around the country.

Previously, Mr. Spector was president of Underwriting Solutions at Verisk Insurance Solutions and vice president and chief sales officer of Verisk Insurance Solutions and of ISO, a Verisk business. Before joining ISO, Mr. Spector served as head of sales for ISO's AscendantOne division in Nashua, New Hampshire. Before joining AscendantOne, he spent 12 years in sales and sales management positions of increasing responsibility with Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Compuware Corporation, and IBM.

Mr. Spector holds a bachelor's degree in business management and marketing from the State University of New York at Binghamton.