Dr. Guy Seeley

President, Atmospheric and Environmental Research

Dr. Guy Seeley

Dr. Guy Seeley is president of Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), a leading science-based knowledge company addressing the contemporary challenges of monitoring, modeling, and understanding the complete natural environment. He is responsible for the company’s performance and for the execution of science and technology projects, ranging from basic research to mission-critical system development for government, insurance, financial, and energy sector clients.

Dr. Seeley served in other leadership positions at AER and ISO/Verisk before becoming AER’s president in December 2015. During his more than 20-year career, he has had responsibility for a number of state-of- the-art weather and remote sensing programs, products, and services reaching government and commercial markets.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Seeley worked extensively with military pilots and research laboratories to produce infrared mission-planning decision aid tools to reduce risk and improve mission performance. He was responsible for the development, validation, and rapid transition to combat operations of highly effective new mission-planning technologies for the F-117 and other aircraft.

Dr. Seeley holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and a bachelor of arts degree in chemistry from Boston University.