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Determining the proper premiums for personal auto policies can be tricky business, especially for collision and comprehensive coverages. But it doesn't have to be.

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With Verisk’s VINMASTER® and your software, you can quickly and easily identify an automobile's current ISO Symbols even if its vehicle identification number (VIN) is unavailable. With the current Symbol, you can more accurately determine premiums for physical damage (comprehensive and collision) coverages, as well as Liability and PIP/Medical Payments coverages.

All you need to know is the vehicle's model and a few key features. That's because VINMASTER contains indexes both by VIN and by comprehensive vehicle descriptions, including make, model, engine, and body style. VINMASTER is a data file that lists foreign and domestic private passenger autos beginning with model year 2010.* The ease of locating a correct Symbol by either the VIN or the vehicle description makes VINMASTER a powerful tool, whether you're quoting a rate or renewing a policy.

In addition to the Vehicle Series Rating Symbol, you'll get information on the vehicle's restraint type and the availability of antilock brakes and daytime running lamps.

*For VINMASTER Physical Damage VSR, supplement files for model years back to 1975 are available for an additional fee. For VINMASTER LPMP, supplement files for model years back to 1998 are available for an additional fee.


VINMASTER is available by e-mail, CD-ROM, or FTP.

Available exclusively to ISO Personal Auto Participation subscribers

VINMASTER is just one of the many powerful products and services you can purchase through your ISO Personal Auto Participation subscription. Only ISO Personal Auto Participation subscribers can purchase VINMASTER.

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