The Verisk Telematics suite

We offer a full suite of telematics products and tools to help you make usage-based insurance (UBI) a reality. Here’s a look at our telematics offerings:

Verisk Telematics Data Exchange

The first-of-its kind telematics data exchange for driving history and claims history

The Verisk Telematics Data Exchange™ serves as the single source to insurers for driver and vehicle data to refine underwriting and rating, and to expedite claim settlement.

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Driving DNA platform

A unique user interface backed by a state-of-the-art platform

Our Driving DNA platform analyzes thousands of variables and provides policyholders with direct feedback on their driving performance.

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Safety Scoring and GeoMetric

Two complementary, ready-to-use driver discount programs

We offer two driver discount programs that we’ve filed widely with state regulators: Safety Scoring, our behavior-based program, and GeoMetric®, our location-based program.

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Video: Insurance Telematics USA interviews Neil Spector, president of Underwriting at Verisk Insurance Solutions and Greg Ross of GM about the Verisk Telematics Data Exchange.