Safety Scoring and GeoMetric®

Verisk Telematics offers two programs that we’ve filed widely with state regulators: Safety Scoring, our behavior-based program, and GeoMetric®, our location-based program.

Safety Scoring

Safety Scoring is our risk score based on driving behavior. Our Driving DNA platform translates real driving data into a score you can use with our Safety Scoring manual rule.

The result? You can offer programs based on how customers actually drive. Our Safety Scoring manual rule outlines a procedure for awarding discounts to insured vehicles. It’s ready to use and implement right now.


Verisk Telematics also offers a risk score based on driving location, along with a corresponding manual rule for awarding driver discounts. Our GeoMetric driver discount rule outlines a process for rewarding policyholders who drive in areas safer than where their vehicles are garaged.

Safety Scoring and Geometric programs

Maximize your competitiveness:
Use both programs together

Use Safety Scoring and GeoMetric together to maximize your competitive position. By employing both programs, you can offer unmatched driver discount opportunities to your policyholders.



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