Verisk Data Exchange: Claims Solutions

Verisk Data Exchange Flow Chart: Claims Solutions

The Verisk Data Exchange enables faster, more accurate claims reporting from any data source. It facilitates fraud detection and researching prior loss history through ISO ClaimSearch®, which uses ISO ClaimAlert™ to notify adjusters with prefilled claims data.

An enhanced claims process is enabled through automated, real-time notice of accidents, which allows for:

  • immediate ordering of on-site assistance (for example, police, fire, ambulance, towing)
  • first notice of loss (FNOL) prefill
  • prompt damage assessment
  • early replacement parts procurement
  • immediate “totaled vehicle” decision making
  • immediate replacement vehicle arrangement
  • increased accuracy in the reserving process

Concierge Claim Service includes:

  • Proactive Services:
    Insurers can offer customers proactive mitigation services; what is happening before an event
  • FNOL Event Activation & Insights:
    Insurer is notified of the event; launches FNOL process
  • Post-Claim Services:
    Insurer has more accurate assessment of event, can expedite next steps
Verisk Telematics Data Exchange: Automated Crash and Fraud Detection

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