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Verisk Telematics: A comprehensive suite of UBI tools

Tools to bring your program to market quickly and easily

  • a state-of-the art platform that analyzes thousands of variables
  • a unique user interface that provides policyholders with direct feedback on their driving performance
  • two complementary, ready-to-use driver discount rules based on driving location and driving behavior

Verisk Telematics offers a comprehensive set of analytical tools for telematics and UBI programs.

We make it simple and easy for you to implement your program. Our ready-to-use scores and corresponding driver discount rules are backed by actuarial science. And our advanced user interface gives policyholders feedback about their driving behaviors.

Jim Levendusky, Vice President of Verisk Telematics, explains why collecting driver feedback is critical to any telematics program.

Follow the links to learn more:

  • Driving DNATM — our state-of-the-art platform that analyzes driving risk and provides policyholders with driving feedback
  • Safety ScoringTM and GeoMetric® — two driver discount programs based on driving behavior and driving location

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