Verisk Telematics: A comprehensive suite of UBI tools

Today’s connected cars collect a wealth of driving information, and auto insurers recognize the value of connected-car data for estimating and pricing risk. But how can auto manufacturers and insurers capitalize on connected-car data without having to worry about all the operational, logistical, and regulatory challenges?

Introducing the Verisk Telematics Data Exchange™ — the first-of-its-kind critical data link for connected-car information between auto manufacturers and insurers. Learn more

Verisk Telematics also offers a comprehensive set of analytical tools for telematics and usage-based insurance (UBI) programs.

We make it easy for you to implement your program. Our ready-to-use scores and corresponding driver discount rules are backed by actuarial science. And our advanced user interface gives policyholders feedback about their driving behaviors.



Verisk Telematics Data Exchange

The first-of-its-kind data link for connected-car information at time of quote

Our revolutionary Verisk Telematics Data Exchange serves as the essential privacy and data integrity control point for connected-car information.

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Driving DNA<sup>TM</sup> platform

A unique user interface backed by a state-of-the-art platform

Our Driving DNATM platform analyzes thousands of variables and provides policyholders with direct feedback on their driving performance.

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Safety Scoring<sup>TM</sup>, our behavior-based program, and GeoMetric<sup>®</sup>, our location-based program

Two complementary, ready-to-use driver discount programs

Verisk Telematics offers two programs that we’ve filed widely with state regulators: Safety ScoringTM, our behavior-based program, and GeoMetric®, our location-based program.

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