March 2016

Point of claim or point of pain? What your customers—and your financials—are really saying

Today’s first notice of loss process is broken, and that’s costing you customers. Find out how a reimagined point of claim process can help you reduce cycle times, improve customer satisfaction, and catch more fraud.  Download white paper»

Bring greater precision to wind and hail claims assessment

With millions of wind and hail claims in the past five years, these weather events are costing your business. Find out how to trim expenses by better authenticating the validity of these claims.  more»


2016 Insurance Fraud Management (IFM) Conference
March 13–16
Savannah, Georgia

Visit the ISO ClaimSearch® booth to learn how our point of claim services will help you achieve customer satisfaction improvements, reduce cycle times, and catch more fraud.

And be sure to attend the session held by Brian Panebianco, manager, Product Development, on Monday, March 14, at either 1:40 p.m. or 3:30 p.m. to hear about the latest ISO ClaimSearch tools. Get an exclusive look at current and upcoming projects, including our new match report with interactive, real-time data, as well as the enhanced mobile app, business intelligence dashboards, and much more. The session also features co-presenters from NICB and the insurance industry who will discuss building the best possible solutions for proactively combating fraud at the industry level.


Point of Claim or Point of Pain?
What Your Customers – And Your Financials – Are Really Saying
Monday, March 28 (2:00 p.m.)

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