ISO Data and Statistical Services

ISO maintains one of the largest private databases in the world. Each year, insurers send us some 2 billion detailed records of insurance premiums collected and losses paid. At any one time, our computers store more than 10.6 billion records.

ISO's professional staff members analyze insurer data and turn it into meaningful information. We use our statistical expertise to serve insurers, regulators, and other organizations in many ways:

  • We collect and store data on behalf of customers, and we perform rigorous tests to assure the quality of the information.
  • We use our database to prepare reports that meet the needs of government regulators, insurers, and other customers.
  • We develop systems for collecting data, and we help customers implement those systems
  • We provide training and support for personnel involved in data collection and reporting.
  • We develop systems and procedures to ensure accurate data.
  • We help customers develop meaningful reports.

For information on reporting data to ISO, see Statistical Service.

For details on some of the available information from ISO's database, see:

All ISO Services are available to property/casualty insurers and reinsurers.

Many ISO products and services are available to other companies and organizations. In most cases, you will need to sign a separate license agreement — for which there may be a fee — to receive our products and services. For details on the products available, try our Product Finder. To ask a question or get in touch with a sales representative, contact ISO. You can also call us at 1-800-888-4476.