Excess and Surplus Insurance

Products and Services

ISO Portal
The ISO portal is an easy-to-use online dashboard that zooms in on loss costs and rating factors can help you make more informed pricing decisions. The portal provides multiple views of loss costs and serves as a "mini rating engine" for 17 different lines of insurance. You can see a demo here.

ISO Rapid Valuator™
ISO Rapid Valuator is an innovative pricing tool that helps insurers independently analyze their own loss costs for U.S. and international commercial property accounts. The pricing tool can quickly perform a detailed loss cost analysis for an insurer's multiple individual exposures, with results easily included in the insurer's systems and workflow for final pricing.

ISO MarketWatch®
ISO MarketWatch allows you to analyze pricing trends and market cycles by premium size, state, and line of insurance. Unlike other surveys often used to monitor premium changes, ISO MarketWatch uses actual rate changes from matched policies drawn from nearly 4 billion records reported to ISO from 800 commercial insurers.

ISO Size-of-Loss Suite
The ISO Size-of-Loss Suite is a group of tools and dashboards that help you plan for changes in claim frequencies, losses, and rate levels. The suite allows you to select various lines of business and quickly create a rich set of premium and loss development triangles as well as other average diagnostics and dispersions.

ISO Specialty Commercial Lines
ISO has long been a reliable source for specialty commercial lines. We’re here to stand behind you so you can provide your customers with sound solutions quickly and effectively.