MSP Navigator

The leader in Section 111 reporting

MSP NavigatorTM from ISO Claims Partners is a comprehensive Medicare Secondary Payer Act compliance toolbox.

In service since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) began accepting data in late 2009, MSP Navigator is the premier reporting tool. The service addresses Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) and Section 111 compliance challenges in a way that considers your organization's systems and claims-handling procedures and minimizes intrusion into your adjusters' time and workflow.

With its easy-to-use technology, clear reports, targeted reminders, and more than 20 "smart prompts," MSP Navigator gives you the tools you need to report completely and accurately every time. And MSP Navigator offers the highest level of security, audit trails, and escalation procedures to make sure you get reporting right.

MSP Navigator will guide you through conditional payment and Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) issues. You'll reduce total claim costs and eliminate exposure that can arise when you don't fully consider such issues before settlement.

Key features
With MSP Navigator, you get:

  • continual monthly query of every claimant until we confirm Medicare eligibility or you close the claim
  • fully automated check of claims data for compliance with CMS eligibility and Section 111 reporting requirements
  • direct extraction of data from your claims system(s) or direct entry — with the same quality results
  • for direct-extraction customers, out-of-the-box functionality that requires minimal changes to current claims systems
  • integrated escalation procedures that accommodate your claims organization
  • single-entry error correction and data entry into your claims system or our web-based portal
  • audit-ready trail of all Section 111 reporting and MSP compliance activities
  • rules-based "smart prompts" for MSAs, conditional payments, and Section 111 reporting
  • notification of potential reportability issues, such as Total Payment Obligation to Claimant (TPOC) and ongoing responsibility for medicals (ORM) events not otherwise detected
  • automatic notification of missing or incomplete data as each quarterly deadline approaches
  • editing before submission for first-time accuracy to avoid critical reporting errors
  • flexible rules-engine architecture for quick response to changing CMS requirements
  • legal analysis on all Section 111 and MSP issues from the largest in-house attorney group in the industry

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