CP Link

Streamlining the conditional payment process and reducing costs

CP Link from ISO Claims Partners is a cost-effective and streamlined way to handle Medicare conditional payments. The service uses Section 111 data to drive the conditional payment process automatically and assure correct, consistent handling every time. CP Link helps you save time and reduce conditional payment amounts and ensures compliance with Medicare laws and regulations.

The prevailing philosophy views each MSP compliance point as an independent obligation. While that’s technically correct, there’s tremendous opportunity to incorporate a holistic program. CP Link integrates compliance points — namely Section 111 reporting and the conditional payment process — into a unified approach.

How it works
ISO Claims Partners can tailor the process to fit your specific needs.

The CP Link customized data-aggregation process:

  • automatically extracts Section 111 data from MSP Navigator™, ISO ClaimSearch®, or any other third-party Section 111 reporting system
  • streamlines internal workflows and MSP compliance protocols
  • flags missing data through smart prompts
  • identifies predetermined thresholds for all decision points in the conditional payment process

Time savings
The CP Link process identifies claims appropriate for conditional payments and saves your team time and effort by eliminating individual referrals for service.

As soon as the information is available, CP Link ensures that a claim is identified for immediate registration with the Benefits Coordination and Recovery Center (BCRC). Accurate and early registration with the BCRC guards against potential delays and setbacks in the process. ISO Claims Partners quickly obtains all data needed to access conditional payment information and conduct activities with the BCRC.

CP Link saves time by:

  • freeing up adjuster resources
  • decreasing time for certain critical conditional payment activities
  • moving claims toward faster settlement and resolution

Cost mitigation
Negotiating inappropriate charges asserted by Medicare is one of the biggest opportunities for cost savings for primary payers. A programmatic approach allows management to look into aggregate conditional payment exposure. That approach also lets you establish clear and uniform protocols that ensure both consistent compliance and maximum savings at settlement.

Our data suggests that for every 500 conditional payment letters, primary payers can face in excess of $3 million in conditional payment exposure. The data further suggests that our automated approach to disputing conditional payment amounts can yield savings in excess of 80 percent per claim compared with CMS’s initial conditional payment assertions. ISO Claims Partners has cost mitigation for conditional payments down to a science. A systematic approach — capitalizing on the proven savings from CP Link — can substantially boost your bottom line.

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