Underwriting |

    Can license plate information
    reduce underwriting fraud?

    Learn how some old technologies are helping usher in new ways for the auto industry to fight fraud...  More »

    Underwriting |

    Have home inspections
    reached a tipping point?

    Three trends may significantly influence how insurers conduct homeowners property insurance inspections. Find out what they are...  More »

    Underwriting |

    Connecting with the connected
    home: An industry roundtable

    What effect will the “Internet of Things” have on homes, homeowners, and the insurance industry? Verisk and industry experts discuss the current status of connected homes and what the future holds...  More »

    Underwriting |

    Creating a higher-quality
    auto application

    Verisk Insurance Solutions has developed a powerful multistep technique to identify high-quality auto applicants as early as possible in the quote phase — before binding coverage...  More »

    Underwriting |

    How device-based intelligence
    can expose insurance fraud

    Max Anhoury and John Cantwell discuss how adding device-based intelligence to the fraud detection process can help insurers reduce fraud and save money...  More »

Underwriting and Rating

Services to manage risk

We provide underwriting and rating information and services to help you understand and manage risks, reduce policy acquisition costs, improve rate classification integrity, and support your growth and retention strategies. Our offerings help you price your risks, reduce premium leakage, and maximize profitability.

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Products and Services

360Value - Overview   360Value® helps you maintain insurance to value through the life of a policy. With quoting, underwriting, annual renewals, and periodic checks of 360Value provides component-based replacement cost estimates for the full range of residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. Underinsurance is still a concern for U.S. property…
Determining the proper premiums for personal auto policies can be tricky business, especially for collision and comprehensive coverages. But it doesn't have to be. With Verisk’s VINMASTER® and your software, you can quickly and easily identify an automobile's current ISO Vehicle Series Rating Symbol without knowing its vehicle identification number…
ISOnet® — the Internet information service for insurance professionals — contains a complete electronic version of the current ISO Commercial Lines Manual (CLM), as well as historical information back to 1994. You'll find an integrated state insurance manual (SIM) for each ISO line of business and jurisdiction. The manual includes…
ProMetrix® is a suite of services centered around Verisk’s ProMetrix commercial property database of buildings, occupants, and related analytics. The database is a comprehensive source of underwriting and rating data on more than 3.5 million commercial buildings and about 6 million businesses in the United States. Verisk field representatives —…
On-Site Surveys of Specific Locations and Communities If your business demands accurate information on the characteristics of specific properties of any type — whether residential or commercial — and their surrounding communities, you need ISO. For more than 30 years, ISO's highly trained field staff has conducted thorough on-site surveys…
Tools to bring your program to market quickly and easily a state-of-the art platform that analyzes thousands of variables a unique user interface that provides policyholders with direct feedback on their driving performance two complementary, ready-to-use driver discount rules based on driving location and driving behavior Verisk Telematics offers a…