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Risk Management

Verisk is a leading source of information about risk. Our unique data and leading-edge analytics help power risk decision support for practitioners in the following sectors:

  • brokers
  • captives
  • managing general agents
  • risk managers
  • third-party administrators
  • risk retention groups
  • independent agents

We manage proprietary data sets with billions of records related to risk. We’ve built catastrophe models for more than 50 countries. We develop fraud-fighting products from our database of nearly 1 billion claims. Our data and analytics give us comprehensive expertise on risks relating to a variety of markets, including property/casualty, financial services, human resources, and supply chain.


Products and Services

Atmospheric and Environmental Research Verisk's Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) business is a leading source of research and services that further understanding of the global environment and enable better decision making in response to weather and climate-related risk. AER’s areas of expertise include: weather and climate prediction and dynamics ocean…
Catastrophe Risk Management AIR Worldwide — a member of the Verisk Insurance Solutions group at Verisk Analytics — is the scientific leader in catastrophe modeling. AIR pioneered the catastrophe modeling industry, creating the tools and technologies that changed how people think about catastrophic risk. AIR bases its models on sophisticated…
CV-Exchange Loss Payee, Additional Insured, and Producer Notifications CV-Exchange® helps you streamline your processes for loss payee notifications, additional-insured notifications, and producer notifications. The system uses NoticeLink®, an electronic service that quickly delivers data and significantly reduces returned mail. With CV-Exchange, you'll: save time reduce processing of returned mail increase data accuracy reduce paper processing cut…
Verisk’’s Catastrophe Loss Analysis Report — available through the ProMetrix® system — helps you manage your exposure to loss from hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, and earthquakes. You get objective, accurate risk profiles for individual buildings in the ProMetrix commercial property database —and other commercial properties —at risk from those perils.
CV-Exchange Loss Payee, Mortgagee, and Producer Notifications and Escrow Billing CV-Exchange® helps you streamline your processes for loss payee and mortgagee notifications, producer notifications of return mail, and escrow billing invoices. The system uses electronic delivery services that deliver data quickly and reduce returned mail significantly. CV-Exchange can accommodate personal home notices or commercial property…
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