Understanding and Managing Blackout Risk
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Risk Management

Verisk is a leading source of information about risk. Our unique data and leading-edge analytics help power risk decision support for practitioners in the following sectors:

  • brokers
  • captives
  • managing general agents
  • risk managers
  • third-party administrators
  • risk retention groups
  • independent agents

We manage proprietary data sets with billions of records related to risk. We’ve built catastrophe models for more than 50 countries. We develop fraud-fighting products from our database of nearly 1 billion claims. Our data and analytics give us comprehensive expertise on risks relating to a variety of markets, including property/casualty, financial services, human resources, and supply chain.

Products and Services

Advisory Prospective Loss Costs ISO's advisory prospective loss costs are accurate projections of average future claim costs and loss-adjustment expenses — overall and by coverage, class, territory, and other categories. Your company can use ISO's estimates of future loss costs in making independent decisions about the prices you charge for…
ALAE Size-of-Loss Distributions The ALAE Size-of-Loss Distributions model provides tables of loss and allocated loss adjustment expenses (ALAE) for 94 lines of insurance within the general liability, commercial auto and medical/professional lines. The model contains a database of 40,000 discreet probabilities for the joint distribution of indemnity loss and allocated loss adjustment expenses. You get…
ISO's Capital Assets Program is an output policy that helps you provide superior coverage and flexible pricing for medium-sized to large manufacturing, industrial, habitational, commercial, retail, wholesale, service, contractors, and institutional risks. Here's what you get We've designed the program — which includes policy forms, endorsements, rules, and loss costs…
ISO's Agri-CAP® (Agricultural Capital Assets Program) is an output policy providing broad coverages and pricing flexibility for medium-sized and large farms and agricultural-related businesses, including: agricultural processing operations dehydrating facilities grain storage facilities mill operations poultry operations ranches slaughterhouses wineries Here's what you get We've designed Agri-CAP — which includes…
ISO's Actuarial Service Information That Enlightens ISO’s Actuarial Service provides the information you need to enhance your decision making and boost your productivity and profitability. Using ISO’s data to supplement your own experience, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions about product pricing, marketing, underwriting, reserve adequacy, and reinsurance needs.…
Capital Management Consulting Services Managing an insurer's capital is a lot more complicated than it used to be. You need to worry about: what to invest in how much when How do you balance the rewards with the risks? Is a line of business really as profitable or unprofitable as it appears using standard metrics?…
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