Understanding and Managing Blackout Risk
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Risk Management

Verisk is a leading source of information about risk. Our unique data and leading-edge analytics help power risk decision support for practitioners in the following sectors:

  • brokers
  • captives
  • managing general agents
  • risk managers
  • third-party administrators
  • risk retention groups
  • independent agents

We manage proprietary data sets with billions of records related to risk. We’ve built catastrophe models for more than 50 countries. We develop fraud-fighting products from our database of nearly 1 billion claims. Our data and analytics give us comprehensive expertise on risks relating to a variety of markets, including property/casualty, financial services, human resources, and supply chain.


Products and Services

Speed to market with accurate pricing is vital. You need to underwrite and quote coverage fast, or you’ll lose out to the competition. The loss cost, rating, and risk selection information available through our ProMetrix® suite of services lets you price policies accurately and get quotes to customers quickly.
Location-Specific Risk Data LOCATION® Underwriting and Rating Data Download Overview We offer a full range of products and services that provide risk-specific information representing every address in the United States. You can use them at the point of sale, at the portfolio level, and for policy renewals. Our offerings help you make superior underwriting and…
FlatCat Flexible, customizable PCS® catastrophe data delivery FlatCat® puts the entire Property Claim Services® (PCS®) catastrophe-history database right at your fingertips. It offers you a flexible delivery method that gives you fast, easy access to severe weather and catastrophe incident information from as far back as 1950. You can customize,…
360Value Insurance to Value 360Value® 360Value® helps you maintain insurance to value through the life of a policy. It provides component-based replacement cost estimates for the full range of residential, commercial, and agricultural properties... Download Overview Residential A web-based system for estimating replacement costs for the full range of residential properties, including one-family to four-family…
Top 100 Insurer Financial Results Top 100 Insurer Financial Results from ISO is a quarterly compilation of underwriting and financial data for each of the 100 largest U.S. property/casualty insurance groups. The information is available as a PDF report or an Excel® spreadsheet package. You can use Top 100 Insurer…
Custom Research Evaluate Strategy, Markets and Business Directions There are times when you need very specific research to evaluate a strategy, market, or new business direction. When you don't have the resources available on staff, ISO can help by gathering, evaluating, and reporting on trends and developments in the marketplace — and gauging their effects…
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