Case in Point

Improved insight and decision support for better resolution of injury claims

Many claims seem as though they’ll follow an easy path to resolution but then take a turn for the worse and the value of the claim increases unexpectedly. This happens for a number of reasons-human error, adjuster inexperience, or unforeseen case developments.

When you can access real claim insights, the best course of action will be clear. Insurers that neglect this fact will continue to feel the consequences of claims going off track—and their financial results will suffer from the inconsistent results, high expenses, and inefficiencies.

Case in Point makes the best path clear

Navigating claims to arrive at the best outcomes is now possible: Case in Point, the newest product enhancement to our Navigator™ platform, provides an instantaneous analysis of claim attributes.

Case in Point looks for settlements from your company’s own historical claims, seeking comparable claims by:

  • injury type
  • claimant age
  • number of injuries
  • and more

This historical claims information allows the claim handler to learn from past claims and develop the most effective resolution plan. Now, your team can easily gain insights into probable settlement amounts and likely lengths of time to settlement.

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